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Music (Instrumental)

Program Description


Band and Orchestra are year-long electives offered to students with interest in playing an instrument in a group setting. Students are encouraged to continue their musical training through high school and beyond. Anyone may join, and instruments are available to lend at no charge. Beginners are especially encouraged to sign up for band or orchestra. These performance classes provide quality learning experiences that are not available in other classes. Instruction references California State standards for music education.

Students will perform at Ochoa’s Winter and Spring concerts and assemblies, and will travel to adjudicated competitions.

Concert Band consists of wind and percussion instruments, and Orchestra consists of stringed instruments that are played with a bow.

Instruction will include:

Repertoire, Sight-reading, Music Elements and Theory, Ear-training and Solfege, Instrumental Technique and Care, Historical and Cultural Contexts, Aesthetics, Time Management, and How to Practice Effectively


Class Rules and Expectations


  1. Attend all rehearsals and concerts, and be on time
  2. Students are expected to practice at least 20 minutes per day, 6x per week..
  3. Take good care of your instrument and keep it in playing condition
  4. Take responsibility for your part in the music: learn your part!
  5. Complete all assigned worksheets and homework.
  6. Treat everyone with respect and always do your best.


Grading Policy


Grades are based on:

1.Improvement in music

2. Class participation and conduct

3. Attendance to concerts and rehearsals




The school issues a shirt, cummerbund and bowtie to each student prior to the Winter Concert. Students are expected to return these items cleaned after the Spring Concert. Students must provide their own black pants or long skirt and black shoes and socks.




It takes money to keep a music program going. All students are expected to participate in two fundraisers to earn money toward Music in the Parks, new music pieces, folders, etc.