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The Anthony Ochoa Middle School History Department was created in 1990 by the late Gillian Cole, Principal. Our mission, is to impart the learning for World History to 7th graders and United States History to 8th graders.


We follow the California State Education Standards for Social Studies. We are responsible for teaching the strands of History for 7th and 8th grade students. In 7th grade we teach World History during the Medieval to Early Modern Times. This includes the study of the Roman Empire, its fall and the consequences of it all. We teach the rise of Islam and how Islam shaped world history. We teach the Middle Ages in Europe, The Renaissance, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, and the Age of Discovery. We also teach writing English in the Social Studies curriculum, investigation, and how to understand original source material.


In the 8th grade we teach the history of the United States from the Colonial Period 1492-1776; The Revolutionary War, The Constitution; The expansion West; The War of 1812; the Industrial Revolution; The Cause of the Civil War; the Civil War 1860-1865; Reconstruction; and the beginning of the United States as a world power. We teach writing, essay composition, investigation of original source material, analyzation of source material and the effect of our history on our own country.


Parents and guardians are always welcome to be part of the learning experience of their students. The Social Studies teachers at Ochoa Middle School are always happy to help, tutor, and assist students in anyway possible. We would like them  to graduate from high school and then go to college.